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Centrifugal machines for manufacturing normal or special effects polyester sheets.

All Polirotor machines are made in two versions: with and without the drum-cooling device. The drum of the machines equipped with this device, marked with (S), is envelopped by a water-cooling system (A) which obviates exothermic effects during the manufacture of the extra-thick sheets or particularly reactive materials and makes it possible to keep production at normal rates.

The Polirotor range of machines is routinely equipped with:

•Stepless speed-change gear, large-sized rev-counter for accurate reading and crank for sheet removal.
•Drum with integral chrome-plating, internal and external, fitted with protection rings.
•Stainless steel drum protection chasing in contact with water.
•Double protection wall electrical command and control box.
•Brushes for neutralizing electrostatic charges.
•Drum lifting device.
•Wheel-gearing in special rubber with exceptional resistance to wear and great noiselessness (perfectly balanced drum rotation and constant sheet thickness).
•Extremely tough structure.


• Chrome-plated drums with special undulations.
• Heating lamp.
• Special tools with overturning support for resin feed.
• New conditioning box designed for fast maintenance operations, complete with water-circulation pump, electric resistor, thermoregulator and electrovalve (conditioning is effected with drain-off water from an external circuit for cooling and with electric resistor for heating).
• Inverter, electronic units for continuous speed change, complete with drum rev-display.
• Electric equipment for automatic repetition of work cycle.
• Cover for styrene-vapour suction.

Polirotor Polirotor

The Polirotor Tester

This laboratory machine is essential for experimentation and for creating new effects, colours and materials, offering great savings in terms of time and raw materials.

Polirotor Tester Polirotor Tester