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The Discomatic produces blanks from sheets of different materials: polyester, acetate, acrylic, galalite, wood, ect. with top quality performance. Precalculation in real time of the output per sheet on the basis of datas entered (size, waste and thickness of milling cutter).

Technical features

•Waste from 0 to 3 mm.
•Diameters from 10 to 120 lin (6,35-76,2 mm)
•Predetermination of quantities.
•Permanent display of production parameters and of final data: speed in strokes/min and number of blanks cut and to be cut.
•Computerised management of the synchronism between the movements which avoids breakage casued by the spinale if it begins to cut before the sheet has stopped.
•Visual display with messages advising that the working speed is beyoond the limit of the production parameters.
•Sheet movement by means of trucks sliding on roller guides and controlled by ball recycle screws with d.c. motors. The result: extremely high working precision.
&bull Easy and very rapid change of cutting size.
•Pitch variation by simply entering the new size on the keyboard.
•Handwheel to move the cutter holder spindle manually.
•Push button control for manual cutting.
•Push button to stop the machine at any time (to resharpen the cutter, etc.) and to restart it without compromising the cut.
•Safety system. In case of any problems (overcuttent in the c.a. and c.c. motors, insufficient air pressure, ect.) the machine stops automatically and the reasons for the stoppage are shown on the display.
•The operator can choose from the following languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German and Portughese.
•The accident prevention protection - with moving guard - enables the operator to work under completely safe conditions.


•Pneumatic locking device of the sheet for an even easier and faster change.
•Double-faced sheet heating device for hot cutting (indispensabile for cutting polyester).
•Water cutting equipment (necessary for acrylic and acetate).
•Incorporated waste suction.

On request

•Stainless steel vat for preheating in hot water.
•This operation for cutting is indispenzabile for polyester sheets.
•The vat can contain a large quantity of sheets.


Discomatic Discomatic