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Blanker machine for punching blanks from soft polyester sheets.

Technical characteristics

The new BLANKER top machine, presents a lot of innovations of which the most important ones are:

•slightly inclined punching plan for a better discharge of blanks.
•very useful regulating system of the advancing pitch of the sheet: it is also possible to regulate the pitch while the machine is moving!.
•this system allows the operator to do, also during the punching phase, small regulations for avoiding a possible defective production.
•more powerful motor for a better security during the punching operation.
•new vibrating sieve "BSD" (on request) of small dimensions made of 3 levels for the best guarantee of the automatic separation of waste and with two collecting boxes for blanks.
•new device for the replacement of the puncher; it is placed in the front side of the machine so that the operation can be made easily and quickly (only few seconds) by one person only.

The Blanker Top uses the same "puncher" as the previous Blanker Economy. All the tipical characteristics which allowed the Blanker Economy to reach the leadership can be found in the Blanker Top as well:

•high penetration rate of the cutter into the sheet with a better finishing of the edges.
•punching tool called "puncher" allowing a high yield thanks to the reduced distance between a cutter and the following one.
•electronic speed variator regulating the machine at the best punching conditions (on request).

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