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Rotoslicer is the new automatic machine for the cutting of blanks from soft polyester rods without scrap.

Thanks to the new PLC which manages the synchronizationof the onward movement of the rod, it is possible to obtain cuttin thicknesses (from 2 to 50 mm.) extremely precise and regular

Technical features

• The continuous onward movement of the rod allows a very high production speed: up to 2500 pcs. per minute!

• Thanks to the new touch screen the programming and the setting of the production parameters are extremely facilitate so that it is possible to vay the cutting thickness even during production.

• The elimination of the mechanical parts which are subject to wear (variator) eliminates the irregularities in the cutting thicknesses.

• The blade is cooled off with water by means of a pump with recycling tank.

• The safety, in case of accidental opening of the cutting area, is granted by an automatic blocking system of the rotation of the blade.



Rotoslicer Rotoslicer