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The Rodmaker 2nd is the machine for pouring contemporaneously 4 polyester rods. In respect to the previous model it is equipped with the following new equipments;:

•Electgronic speed variators which control:
- the gear pumps
- the oscillating movement
- the rotatory movement of the pouring deviceso
•The latest static mixers.
•New recently developed pumps.
•New pouring equipments.
•Ergonomic panel for the control of all the functions of the machine.
•Device for the hand movement of the aluminium tubes.
•New electronic device Autorodmaker for the automatic movement of the tubes (optional )

Technical features

There is the possibility to produce rods of many shapes with different structures and up to 4 different colours or even one colour rods. Feeding with 8 gear pumps ensuring a perfectly regular flow of the resin as well as an economical maintenance. The working of the 8 gear pumps, the oscillating movement and the rotatory movement of the cups is controlled via the electronic speed variator. The mixing of the accelerated and coloured resin with the catalyzed resin is effected via the static mixers which permit:
- the total elimination of the heating phenomenon of the resin
- to keep a constant viscosity
- to keep the degree of the tixotropic and gelling time unalterated
- to reduce to a minimum the maintenance
The new ergonomic control panel is supplied with a display which shows the principal functions of the machine:
- speed of the oscillating movement.
- speed of the rotatory movement of the pouring devices.
- speed of the pumps.

Besides, it's possible to vary contemporaneously the speed of the pump holding proportionately the feeding of the various flows of resin and visualizing the percentage in increase or decrease that occurs. Possibility of mounting the feeding channel up to a width of 330 mm. A lot of possibilities of variating the position and the inclination of the collecting tubes and of the feeding channels. Pouring devices quickly and easily interchangeablei.

The Autorodmaker 2nd is a device for feeding 4 tubes at the same time with a max. storage of 40 tubes (max. 10 tubes per pouring channel). The operator discharges the full tubes substituting them with empty ones.

The Autorodmaker 2nd can be programmed for an automatic working (diameter and length of the rods being poured and/or the time of the filling) and/or predisposition for movements decided from time to time by the operator. After the filling of the last tube (the 10th of each group) the device automatically returns to the start position (in this way the operator has more time for the discharge of the full tubes and loading of the empty ones) or the operator can choose the option allowing the device to fill in the tubes starting from the last position to the first one. You don't need supplementary guides for the different groups of tubes: the exact position of the pouring is chosen automatically by the Autorodmaker device. Also on the new control panel one can constantly visualize all the data relative to the working of the device.
The fitting of the device Autorodmaker has to be finalized at the time of order; it cannot be fitted subsequently on the Rodmaker 2nd equipped with manual movement of the tubes.

The machine is equipped with:

Four recipients on trolleys for the containment of the resin sufficient for pouring three colour rods. Two pouring equipments type CE-DRP/PM used to make the effects indicated on the attached table. One device for rapid washing with tank able to contain solvents. One set of silicone tubes and accessories for the production process of the machine.

On request

- Aluminium tubes of various sizes.
- Supplementary barrel for the 4th colour
- Group with 4 dynamic mixers
- Pouring device VRD for moving cups hunged up around its own axis of rotation
- Pouring device CRD for moving cups hunged up around its own axis of rotation with central discharge
- Pouring device ORD for moving cups with orbital movement (rotation around its own axis of rotation and contemporaneously around the second fixed axis taken as reference).
- Pouring equipment type CE- ... for obtaining model of rods indicated in the attached table.