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Wps Service

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Wps Service 2nd is a device that enables buttons to be discharged automatically from WPS barrels. In fact, buttons can be unloaded from a barrel in only a few minute!!! The working cycle is extremely simple:

• the water entering from the SERVICE inside the barrel allows the exit of the buttons from the barrel;
• the discharged buttons are collected in a perforated basket, easily removable, that can be supplied UPON REQUEST; BR /> • the water gathers inside the collection tank and it is recycled to the barrel by means of an electropumpt;
• transfers from one barrel to another are easy because the device is mounted on wheels and provided with handles.


• Extremely compact dimensions.
• The device is entirely manufactured in corrosion proof stainless steel.
• Stainless steel pump with 0,45 Kw motor.
• Water jet with articulated nozzle to optimize the button discharge.
• Electric wiring with overload cut-out and waterproofing grade IP65.