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WPS 330

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WPS 330

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Wps 330 3rd is a tumbling barrel for water polishing buttons, beads and costume jewellery in polyester, acrylic and acetate materials. It can also be used with great advantage during roughing operations for urea and galalith buttons.The steel barrel is lined internally with a material which is highly resistant to abrasion. The water inlet, placed on the rear part, allows considerable saving on water consumption. The barrel is rotated by a two-speed motor and reduction gear which prevents jerks when starting and stopping, thus extending the life of transmission. The up-and-down movement of the barrel is driven by a motor gear (no maintenance required). The electric wiring is in conformity with EC rules with a waterproofing grade IP65.  

Technical features

• fixed protective barriers on three sides.
• mobile front barrier provided with a safety device which stops the barrel rotation when the barrier is lifted.
• pilot lamp indicating when the barrel is in horizontal position.
• water inlet controlled by a push-button placed on the electric panel.


• timer for programming the end of the barrel rotation.
• automatic distributor of polishing wax with diaphragm pump.
• AUTOMATIC: device for automatic barrel function, consisting of the following groups:
• wax injection with diaphragm pump (high precision dosage).
• fixed folding-door barriers with safety device wich stops barrel rotation when opened casually.A space has been provided within these barriers for the positioning of the WPS SERVICE 2nd
• SIEMENS PLC programmer for carrying out polishing cycles which may be modified by the user, with 9 different programs each complete with 10 functions:
1) automatic setting of barrel position
2) pumicing
3) pre-washing
4) water loading
5) polishing
6) wax injection
7) wax polishing
8) washing
9) positioning of barrel for WPS SERVICE 2nd
10) end of cycle signal

The PLC is provided with a LCD display which:

• indicates the current function and the time of execution;
• allows the operator to choose the language menu;
• simplifies the modification work of the programmed times and furthermore, in case of interruption of the cycles, black out or lay-off, it allows the re-start of the cycle exactly from where the machine stopped.


• cover for the discharge of the ceramic stones only.
• WPS SERVICE 2nd, device for automatic disharge of buttons from WPS barrels.


WPS 330 WPS 330