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Selevision EVOSelevision EVOSelevision EVO

Selevision EVO

Selevision Evo



Selevision Evo is the selector of buttons or blanks, fitted with an innovative vision and self-learning system.

• It selects blanks both raw or manufactured, and finished buttons.
• Selection speed: very high.
• Extremely easy to use.
• Selection stability over time.
• "Stand Alone" use of the last selection.
• Economic: it uses the same standard feeding equipment of the button making machines.
• Front and back lighting with very high grade of uniformity. Built-in remover of electrostatic charges.

Technical Features

Software with extremely easy programming; the user only has to:
- Select the area of interest for the analysis
- Set the imagine controls
- Set the learning parameters and the number of samples to be analyzed.

Learning modes:
• Self-learning with grouping of the classes, completely automatic.
• Assisted-learning with intervention of the operator on the destination of the classes. 

And after the learning:
- Immediate preview of the selection that the machine will effect
- Transfer to the working phase made simply by the end-user
- Storage of the selections.

Selevision EVO Selevision EVO

Selevision EVO Selevision EVO