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WINFIBER : Fiber Laser 20 W

 Download WINNFIBER 20W


Active optical fiber laser unit

• Designed and manufactured by Tullio Giusi spa by using high quality and high efficiency laser fibers.
• Thanks to the specific wavelength and the laser beam delivery by galvanometrical scanhead, they are particularly suitable for the high speed engraving of metal as well as on a huge range of plastics, with unique colour changes.
• The WINNER FIBER can be supplied with power of 20 Watts.
• Thanks to its versatility, it can be inserted into existing production lines or on automatic feeding systems.
On request: Tullio Giusi Spa can design new tailored solutions in order to provide the most suitable answer to any marking problem.

Technical data:
• Wavelength (1.640nm).
• High quality of the laser beam.
• Very small writing spot.
• Power stability.
• Movable scanhead.
• Small dimensions.
• High efficiency.
• Very reduced maintenance.

Operative system:
Windows 7 Pro. Laser managing softwares WinProgress* and Winlaser.

• The software WINPROGRESS is entirely made by Tullio Giusi spa, in addition to the use of the most common vector files it can also manage static texts, dynamic numerations, marking on cylindrical items, bar-codes, data matrix and, on request, markings on moving items (MARKING ON FLY).

Type of files that can be used:
- Hewlett-Packard HPGL (.PLT)
- Rich Text Files for the text files (.RTF)

- Italian, English, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French.

True type Windows fonts (TTF)
- special mono line fonts Giusilaser (.PLF)