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Profila CNC

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Profila CNC Numerical control automati system for the manufracturing of widia constant profile tools. It ensures an accurate and constant processing of the profile, thanks to computerized support and to the movement of working axes by means of a CNC system.

Technical features

It is suitable for the manufacturing of constant profila tools by means of an easy positioned diamond wheel. The wheel is automatically centered on the tool. When it is programmed with the file for the profile to be processed and working parameters (such as roughing, finishing, speed) all the working steps required for the tool manufacturing are carried out automatically. It can load the following profile files:
• read by means of the Reader device and processed by CAD programs (DXF-ISO).
• processed manually, in case of new buttons, by means of CAD programs (DXF-ISO). 

Profila READER is a profile reader, equipped with autocentering button collets suitable for all sizes. It determines the creation of a DXF file that can be processed by means of a simple CAD program, as far as little corrections, even to get proportional sizes, are concerned.


Profila CNC Profila CNC
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