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Multiform DVK 3rd
Multiform DVK 3rd
Multiform DVK 3rd
Multiform DVK 3rd

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The DVK Multiform 3rd comes from the experience of DVK Multiform 2nd, but with a fully new structure, given by drilling units, blanks feeder and by the 270° orientable control unit for an easy setting of the machine. This is the ideal machine for the processing of every kind of button on both faces. Thanks to its several and exchangeable work units, it can be used for the processing of both classic buttons for shirts, jackets and trousers and fancy buttons for women's wear. Furthermore, its versatility allows the processing of costume jewellery such as beads and buckles.

Technical features

• TOUCH electronic system that manages product data, anomalies, devices such as *(TAG,DCS,AUTOLUB), and the control of Selecolour photocells.
• External adjusting of the work stroke.
• Automatic positioning for collet change.
• V-channel, that allows a quick size change for feeding equipment.
• Turning unit transmission with V-belt.
• Drilling unit transmission with poly-V belt with speed from 6.000 to 12.000 rev/min. It allows a better performance of the drils even for big diameters. It is equipped with a device for the reduction of the speed up to its half.
• Electric motor for each work unit.
• Board for the management of functions that can be easily moved and orientated at 270°.
• Laser pre-setting.
• Lighting of heads work area.
• Exclusion of units motor rotation and adjusting of drilling speed from outside.
• Inspection system for buttons recovery and processing control.
• In conformity with Machines Rules 2006/42/CEE. “on request for extra EC countries”.
• “HST” extremely rigid integral turning unit without tool holder: it can work up to 12.000 rev/min since the combination shaft - toolholder is missing.
• New design.


DVK Multiform 3rd is the new fully automated version equipped with:
• Inverter M&F
• "Fast" function for the reduction of idle time due to heads rotation
• Laser marking only when the button is in the collet
• TOUCH control system
• Lighting of the work area
It can be equipped with the following optional devices:
• Pre-setting for turning spindles with "tag" automatic sharpening devices for tools
• Pre-setting for ROD cutting group
• DCS drillings monitoring sensor
• AUTOLUB pump for the automatic lubrication of drills

DVK Multiform 3rd TROCAS This version can be equipped both with manual or automatic feeder. In addition to the characteristics of DVK Multiform 3rd, it is equipped with the following:
• DKS special drilling equipment with sliding drills and external adjusting of work cams from 1 to 8 mm.
• Easily appliable hopper feeder which allows a quick change from manual to automatic feeding.
• Turning transmission with V-belt for 900, 1200 and 1500 rev/min processing and external adjusting of the work stroke from 1 to 6 mm

LASER option.

• It can be used for personalizing buttons with logo, wording or drawings and for internal or external cutting operations.
• It exploits its best qualities thanks to the interaction with the machine which adjusts its speed according to the production output allowed by the engraving time.

Multiform DVK 3rd Tornitura veloce HST

Multiform DVK 3rd Multiform DVK 3rd