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Mass DMK 3rd

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It is specialized in the production of standard buttons processed on both faces and suitable for shirts, pijamas, hosiery, jackets, trousers, coats. Mass DMK 3rd is a small masterpiece: in less than a square meter it can produce over 200 buttons per minute. The high productivity, compared to the cost of this machine, the simpliest among the existing ones, allows the most economical use.

Technical Features

• TOUCH electronic system (standard on all versions) which manages the production data, anomalies, devices such as (TAG,DCS,AUTOLUB) and controls both the Selecolor and the channel FC photocell.
• V-channel, allowing a quick changing of the size of feeding equipment.
•Electric motor for each work unit.
•User-friendly control panel.
•Laser presetting on all versions.
•Lighting of the heads work area.
•Exclusion of unit motor rotation from outside.
•New inspection system for button recovery and machining control.
•In conformity with machines rules 2006/42CE. "on request for countries not included in the European Community".
•"HST" new integral turning unit without tool holder: it can work up to 12.000 rev./min., increasing the production by more than 30%, thanks to the extreme stability of the tool holder fixing system.
•"Driving unit transmission with Poly-V belt that allows a better dragging of the drills even for the big diameters. It allows a speed up to 12.000 rev./min. and is fitted with a device for the halving of the speed.


DMK 3rd New fully automated version equipped with:
• Inverter M
•"Fast" function for the reduction of idle time due to heads rotation
•Laser marking only when the button is in the collet
• TOUCH control system
• Lighting of the work area

It can be equipped with the following optional devices:
•Pre-setting for turning spindles with "tag" automatic sharpening device for tools
•DCS drills monitoring sensor
•AUTOLUB pump for the automatic lubrication of drills

DMK 3rd TROCAS This version can be equipped both with manual or automatic feeder. In addition to the characteristics of DMK 3rd, it is equipped with the following:
• Easily appliable hopper feeder which allows a quick change from manual to automatic feeding.
• Turning transmission with V-belt for 900, 1200 and 1500 rev./min.

Laser option.

• It is suitable for personalizing buttons with logo, wording or drawings as well as for internal or external cutting operations. It is available on all versions.