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DVS Doublesix PaintDVS Doublesix PaintDVS Doublesix Paint
DVS Laser Paint
DVS Doublesix Paint

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DVS LASER PAINT is the button machine machine to produce automatically buttons with coloured laser engraving.

•In one single cycle it is possible to obtain finished buttons from the rough blanks.
•Once the cycle is finished, insert buttons into the WPS (Water Polishing System), where small impurities are removed by ceramics, pumice and wax making thje buttons bright and shiny!
•The machine and the PAINT unit are managed by means of a touch screen that makes all work processes easy and safe.
•The engraving, colouring and finishing operations are synchronized in order to avoid unfinished buttons and waste.
•Capacity: from line 12" up to line 90".
•Changhe of colour in a few minutes.
•High productivity.
•The productivity depends of the buttons size type and quantity of design to do.


DVS Laser Paint DVS Laser Paint

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