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DVS 3rd

Doublesix Dvs 3rd

DVS Doublesix 3rd

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DVS Doublesix 3rd is the only machine that enables to carry out 8 processings at the same time: 4 on the first head and 4 on the second one. It can be set with the same units and equipment assembled on DVK but the difference is that this machine is equipped with 6 collets on each head: this enables to make a wider range of buttons, both standard and fancy. Different kinds of costume jewellery, brooches, buckles, olives and beads, rope-slides and so on can be manufactured too.

Technical features

• TOUCH, a new electronic system (supplied standard on all versions) that manages production data, anomalies, different kind of devices *(POC, TAG, DCS, AUTOLUB), the control of Selecolour photocell and the signal of carter open on machines for EC.
•Giusinverter M e F.
•Externally adjustable cam.
•POC device for quick collet change.
•V-channel allowing a quick change of size of feeding equipment.
•Turning unit transmission with V-belt.
•Electric motor for each working unit.
•User-friendly control panel.
•Laser pre-setting.
•Pre-setting of turning spindles with "tag" automatic tool sharpening device.
•Lighting of the heads work area.
•Exclusion of rotation of the units motor from the outside.
•In accordance with Machines Rules 2006/42/CEE, " on request for countries not included in the European Community".

It can be equipped with the following optional devices:

•DCS drills control sensor.
•AUTOLUB pump for the automatic lubrication of drills. 


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