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HPK 2nd

HPK 2nd

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Vanguard HPK 2nd

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It is the smallest of the K series and occupies less than 1 square meter. This user-friendly machine is ideal for the production of buttons processed on one face such as buttons for shirts, pijamas, hosiery, due to its low production costs and high speed. Its high productivity rate, above all in standard buttons, is due to the feeding of blanks either one by one or in column. It can be equipped with different devices such as the adjustable fixed channel, the spring channel or V-channel (a single part feeding channel that allows a quick change of the size).

Every version is normally equipped with the laser pre-setting. Moreover, the following devices can be added on request: the "telecamera" for the control and optical orientation of holes, and a series of easily and quickly interchangeable work units.

Technical features

• TOUCH electronic system (normally assembled on all versions) that manages production data, anomalies, devices such as *(POC, TAG, DCS, AUTOLUB), the Selecolour photocell and the FC channel one.
• V-belt turning units transmission.
•User-friendly control panel.
•Laser presetting on all versions.
•Lighting of work area.
•Exclusion of unit motor rotation from outside.
•New inspection system for button recovery and machining control.
•In conformity with Machine rules 89/392 CEE. "on request for countries not included in the European Community".
•"HST" new integral turning unit without tool holder: it can work up to 12.000 rev./min., increasing the production by more than 30%, thanks to the extreme stability of the tool-holder fixing system.
•New blocking system of the MGT plate by means of a grip wedge. This increases sensibly the strength of the unit and enables to work with very small tips too. Less rotating weights: this allows a more balanced turning operation, only on "HST".
•New Design.

The HPK versions

HPK 2nd standard is the basic version. The following interesting optionals can be added:
• GIUSINVERTER M electronic speed variation and FAST function
• DCS drills control
• SELECOLOUR digital adjusting photo-cell
• AUTOLUB pump for the automatic lubrication of the drills.

HPK 2nd PLUS is the most automated version. It is normally equipped with the GIUSIINVERTER M and F, POC device and FAST one to eliminate idle time due to the head rotation, interactive laser marking on the first or second work position which allows the marking only when the button is in the collet.The following optionals can be added:
•Pre-setting for turning spindles with tool automatic sharpening "tag"
•DCS control of drills
•AUTOLUB pump for the automatic lubrication of drills
•Pre-setting for the "CF" unit

HPK 2nd TROCAS is available with automatic or manual feeder.In addiction to HPK PLUS characteristics, it's equipped with:
•easily applicable hopper plate which allows a quick change from manual to automatic feeding.
•New optical fibres photocell to chiise the face to be processed (on request)

LASER option.

It is suitable to customize buttons with logos, workings or drawings and for internal or external laser cuttings. It is available on all versions and specially enhanced on the PLUS version thanks to its interactivity with the machine which adjusts automatically to the production speed allowed by the marking time. Moreover, it can be equipped with the following device:
• "OCW" optical device for the holes checking and orientation.