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The Semivanguard is a semi-automatic machine designed to carry out turning or laser marking operations on buttons, buckles and various types of costume jewellery; ideal for producing samples refinishing, etc. 3 work positions: manual loading, machining and automatic discharge.

Technical features

•Easy loading system; large storage tray for blanks.
•Finished buttons are automatically discharged into the collection tray.
•Machining with pneumatic devices managed by a micro-computer controlling all the functions
•Device to fix only the collet head rotation, thus reducing the collet change-over and adjustment time to a minimum.
•Device designed to set the collet opening time at the loading stage, thus speeding up production and providing the best possible conditions for the operator.
•Device for controlling the work cycle by means of a pedal: this helps loading the pieces which precise positioning usually requires a long time and attention.
•Protective guard for the button loading area which stops the machine immediately in case of accedental contact.
•Micro-switch which stops the machine if the guard for the machining area is opened.
•Device for the easy adjustment of the working stroke, situated on the surface of the machine.
•Continuous control of machining speed (equivalent to control with inverter).

Semivanguard Semivanguard