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HP8 Vanguard 1000
HP8 Vanguard 1000
HP8 Vanguard 1000 Touch
HP8 Vanguard 1000

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The automatic machine for a very high output of buttons  processed on one side. A production capacity that has never been achieved before: 340 buttons per minutestrong

Absolute reliability
HP8 is a direct offshoot of Vanguard HP and Doublevanguard. It uses their most outstanding technical solutions, which have prooved their excellence in over 10 years of experience.

A few details:
One single hopper, 2 feeding channels, 2 loaders, 1 turret with 8 collets, 6 positions for interchangeable working units, 2 independent boxes for collecting finished buttons.

 Technical Features

• Collet head with 8 radial, complanare positions facilitating use to the maximum.
• Loader units, work units and collets all on the same level, so that the working area is always visible, operations are under control, adjustments and tool set ups are easier and maintenance times are shortened..
•Easy adjustment of work depth. 2 different types of buttons of the same size can be produced simultaneously.
•2 separate boxes for inspecting and collecting the finished buttons.
•Work cams and levers in an oil bath ensure greater operational precision on a long work life.
•Revolving hopper to facilitate adjustments; two feeding speeds;.
•Suction apparatus inlets located between two working units: safe, fast suction of shavings guaranteed.
•3 processings per button. The range of models is extremely wide, thanks to the numerous interchangeable work units that can be used: HST- high speed turning; new integral turning unit without tool holder: it can work up to 12.000 re./min., increasing the production by more than 30%, thanks to the extreme stability of the tool-holder fixing system. New blocking system of the MGT plate by means of a grip wedge. This increases sensibly the strength of the unit and enables to work with very smalll tips too. Less rotating weights: this allows a more balanced turning operation only on HST.
T - round turning unit
P - poligonal turning unit
FF - shank, encoche and fish-eye milling device on T unit
D - simultaneous 2/4 holes drilling unit


Built-in suction apparatus, indicator for unloaded buttons, additional hopper, " GIUSINVERTER" electronic speed variator, "SELECOLOUR" photocell, "AUTOLUB" automatic lubrication pumpt for drills, Digitronicmicrocomputer, easy to be used, with modular electronic system which can be excluded in case of emergency - its permanent memory permits to manage:
- production
- AUTOLUB automatic pumpt


HP8 Vanguard 1000
HP8 Vanguard 1000 HP8 Vanguard 1000