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Automatic machine for the rectification of the diameter of horn blanks (from line 14" up to line 60") by using a diamond tool.

The use of the new self-centering loading system grants the correct and repeated execution of the rectification of every single blank.

The thickness of the blank (up to 20 mm.) is entirely rectified by giving a quality that the old system of grinding the blanks with a diamond wheel could not allow: in that case the blanks had to be worked again in the turning machine by using ceramic tools or diamond tools.

Rotation speed of the blank (up to 12,000 r.p.m.) adjustable by inverter. Setting of the rectification diameter by means of a hand-wheel. Electronic control of the feeding channel. Upon request: Suction device.

The flowing and constant feeding of the blanks reduces almost completely their wastage during the turning phase. During the production of the buttons, with the first turning unit you can rough out the blanks already perfectly rectified and firmly gripped inside the collet.

The differenze in respect of the technology with diamond wheels is that with the new HORN GRINDER when you feed 1000 blanks you get 1000 finished buttons at the rate of 35 buttons per minute, with a reduced wear of the collets. These advantages result in an increase of 30% of the productivity and a significant saving on the equipment.

Horn Grinder Horn Grinder

Horn Grinder Horn Grinder